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The Grange Retreat Visits Elmcroft Care Home

Millie joined The Grange Team to Elmcroft for some Dog Therapy

Helping Where We Can...

The Grange Retreat try to make a difference in the dog boarding industry by the level of care we provide. However, we also feel it is important to make a difference in the wider community. We have raised money for local dog and cat rescues; we also recently raised money for Macmillan Cancer Charity through a coffee morning. It is not animals alone that we care about, we want to make a positive impact wherever we can, and so we reached out to our local Care Home to see how we could help.

Millie, The Grange Retreat's resident dog went to Elmcroft Care Home last week to brighten a few resident's days. Millie was very loved by all of the residents, and she loved the fuss too! Even spending some time on resident's laps or being fed her favourite treats - carrots!

Elmcroft Care Home and The Grange Retreat are currently in talks about a visit to The Grange, at which Elmcroft's residents will enjoy a day of doggy fun! Helping to stuff toilet rolls with treats for The Grange guests, as well as maybe trying their hand at teaching our guests agility!

It has to be said that there are huge benefits in pet therapy for our older generations. Do you know that petting a dog can lower your blood pressure? It also reduces stress, anxiety and depression levels! The residents at Elmcroft were quite clearly very well cared for, but of course they were very pleased to have a little visitor for the day!

We would like to thank Elmcroft Care Home for having us along, and we very much look forward to visiting the residents again soon!

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