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The Grange Retreat Responds to Feedback

What we Found & How We Responded

The Grange Retreat recently received information from 34 pet owners asking them what they expected/wanted when boarding their pets

Kennel Size

22 of 34 owners claim that kennel size is important to them - The Grange Retreat has extremely large kennel facilities. In order to obtain Higher Licensing status all pens must be at least 2.8m². All of our pens have an inside area of at least this, with some of our kennels being almost double in size! All kennels have an external run, and we have 10 huge paddocks for off lead fun as well as 7 acres of land for on lead walking!


30 of 34 owners listed staff interaction as being hugely important to them - At The Grange Retreat we are a crossover with Doggy Day Care & Boarding facilities. All pets benefit from a large amount of staff interaction with all of our staff members being trained both internally and externally to ensure that they know appropriate and healthy ways to interact with our canine and feline guests alike.


28 out of 34 owners stated that cleanliness is important when choosing a kennels - We, at The Grange have a cleaning policy which all of our staff know and comply with. We use eco-friendly chemicals where possible but, for our kennels we use a strong bleach in order to thoroughly disinfect surfaces and protect our guests against the transmission of diseases. We have brand new facilities at The Grange and it is ever so important to us that they stay looking new and clean!


6 out of 34 owners worry about cost - At The Grange, we may not be the cheapest option for dog care but we include an awful lot. All dogs have a personalised enrichment programme during their stay; they have a free bath when they go home. Food and bedding is also provided. All medication required is administered free of charge if your pets have a pre-existing condition or a short-term illness. One of our reviews states that 'They may not be the cheapest option on the market, but they make up for it by far with the services they provide.'


Tours were mentioned as something that owners would like to see more of. At The Grange we have an open door policy, anyone can walk in at any time during our open hours and ask for a tour, we do ask that owner's understand that our staff may be busy if the tour is unplanned but of course we will allocate a member of our team to you as soon as possible. We are so proud of our facilities here, that we love the opportunity to show them off!

Thanks to our Feedback....

  • We have now implemented a policy which states that all pets in our care will be photographed or recorded at least once daily showing their owners how much they are enjoying their time with us.
  • While we already have security shutters and an alarm system we are looking into CCTV systems to ensure that our guests are extremely well protected.
Thank you to all of those who participated in our research. Feedback is really important to us at The Grange and we are always looking for ways to improve our facilities, your opinion matters to us.
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