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Sharon's Christmas gift choices for our furry friends!

At Christmas I love to spoil my dogs just as much as my family!

Each year I search for lovely gifts, from toys to treats. When it comes to food and treats for my little pug, they need to be of a good quality for his sensitive belly. Toys for my Staffy need to be sturdy so he doesn't destroy them in minutes!


Here are my finds that will be under our tree this year!

Click on the picture to go to the website where the item is for sale.

Mince Pies


When it comes to a Christmas snack, the mince pie is a holiday staple! these are delicious, dog-friendly pastry mince pies. They featured on ITV’s how to spend it well at Christmas, and these tasty treats won their category!

Biscuit Treats


Baked biscuit treats with delicious turkey, cranberries, thyme and cinnamon. In a lovely cracker shaped box. Can be used as a treat or for training during the festive season!

Personalised Dog Beer


This is a chicken flavoured beer that contains a blend of human grade ingredients. It is brewed and bottled in Belgium.

And it's even better that they personalise their items to your pet!

Christmas Dinner


Wainwright's Christmas Dinner is hypo-allergenic and gentle on your dog's digestion, it contains Turkey with Cranberry and is the perfect treat on Christmas day.

Chicken Flavoured Bone


Delicious and tough chicken flavour bone, Suitable for medium and large breeds, Ridges massage gums and teeth and is a perfect present for your pet this Christmas!


The kong is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog's need to play. You can stuff with tempting treats or doggy peanut butter to keep them busy if they don’t like it when you go out.

Stuffed Toy


Squeaky Noel Owl Dog Toy. A fun plush owl for your dog to enjoy this festive season, he's soft and cuddly with a hidden squeaker making him ideal as a comforter or for play time!

Leg Warmers.

Treat your dog this Christmas and keep them warm with these cute Leg Warmers. Great for those cold Christmas day walks!

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