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Puppy Grooms At The Grange Retreat

Grooming doesn’t have to be a traumatic process and introducing your puppy to the parlour and groomer from a young age helps to make this a pampering experience instead.

Introducing your puppy to the Grooming Parlour should be started early usually from around four months of age.

The first couple of visits should be short to enable your puppy to familiarise him/herself with the new surroundings, and to get used to the Groomer, also the sight, sounds and smells of the grooming room and of the equipment used.

Here at the Grange Retreat we do our best to make your puppy feel relaxed and to also make the whole experience a fun and positive one, as a negative experience could result in your puppy becoming reluctant to visit the Groomers again in the future.

It is important to build a good relationship between your puppy and their Groomer from the start. We spend some time before doing any grooming engaging in play and treating your puppy to build up trust.

A gentle bath in puppy shampoo, towel dry, followed by a warm blow dry and gentle brushing is usually what will be done during the first couple of visits. We will also get your puppy accustomed to the noises and equipment which will be used in future visits. For instance, we will turn on the clippers and perhaps run them without the clipper attachment along the back of your pet, so they realise there is nothing to fear.

When your puppy has become happy and relaxed with this we can then proceed to add in a light trim and claw clipping if required on future visits. It is very important not to rush this process, we will ensure that you pet is completely comfortable before moving onto next steps as moving too quickly could undo the positive associations we have worked hard to achieve.

What Can I do at Home to Help my Puppy?

The more you can handle your puppy at home and get them de-sensitised to different noises and handling methods the better! Remember always to use treats and lots of praise to ensure that they associate handling with positive rewards!

Here are some things you can do from home:

  • Get your puppy used to their feet being touched, hold up a paw or a leg, examine their paws.  This is not just important for the Groomers, but it will also help your pet to relax in routine veterinary examinations.
  • Check their teeth and gums, while of course dental problems do not tend to develop until later, dental health is always important and if you don’t get them used to this early you may have some difficulties trying to brush their teeth later in life!
  • In order to ensure our pets stay in good health we need to check their ears occasionally, if you get your puppy used to this process young, it will make it far easier to check them when you need to!  It also makes grooming easier if they are happy to have their ears touched.
  • Perhaps you have taken out your puppy for a walk and the park was particularly muddy, you may want to bath your pet at home between their grooms.  If you do so, it’s a great idea to talk to them reassuringly throughout and to ensure that there is not too much noise by running the shower head along their skin.  A great way to check that the temperature is suitable is by using our elbow as this is a particularly sensitive area of skin.

Here at The Grange Retreat we are very much looking forward to meeting you and your beautiful puppy.

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