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Kennels - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using kennels for the first time or are new to The Grange Retreat there may be things you would like to know, Here are some frequently asked questions.

How many walks will my dog have?

Each dog that stays with us will have two or more walks per day, as well as off lead exercise in our paddocks and enrichment times in their kennels.

Will my dog be let off lead?

During walks in our fields we will never let a dog off lead. The only time they will be off lead is when they are in our large outside exercise paddocks. This is high fenced which also runs under the ground, and there is a second boundary so no dogs can get loose.

My dog doesn't like grass / concrete, what would you do?

Here at The Grange Retreat we have a mixture of grassed areas and concrete areas, within our personality quiz we ask which your dog is happy with, we will then use the option best for them.

How much interaction will my dog have with staff?

During our day your dog will have a mixture of walks, paddock time, enrichment with toys and treats and personal fuss and cuddle time. So apart from time to rest we keep them busy and happy.

Do you provide toys?

Yes, we have lots of different toys here ranging from balls to chewables. All toys after being played with are cleaned and ready to be used again.

Will my dog get cold in his / her kennel?

Each of our kennels have a separately controlled underheated floor, this means that if we have a dog that doesn't like it hot in one kennel we will set it to a lower temperature, and a dog in the next kennel more prone to being cold we can set to a higher temperature.

What vaccinations will my dog need to have before staying with you?

We require the following vaccinations to be administered two weeks before their stay,

Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parvovirus.

My dog is currently on medication is that ok?

We are happy to give your dog their medications during their stay. we have a locked medical box to store them and also a refrigerator for medicines needed to be kept cold.

Will you provide food or do I need to bring my own?

The provision of food is included within the price of your stay. There is also an optional upgrade available. If your dog will only eat their own food or has gastro issues please provide this for them. please be aware that swapping foods may cause stomach upset.

If my dog gets dirty will they be bathed?

All dogs that stay with us are offered a free complimentary bath for overnight stays on the day they leave.

What are the exercise paddocks and what happens in them?

We have 10 large exercise paddocks, these are fenced areas where dogs can be let off lead and run and play freely. One of our paddocks has agility equipment in, including jumps, weaving poles, and hoops. The paddocks are great for playing games like fetch and frisbee.

It says you are Eco friendly, what have you done to achieve this?

Here at The Grange Retreat we strive to be as Eco friendly as possible, we recycle everything we can, and use water butts to reduce water use and waste. We use biodegradable and cruelty free products and have a Eco friendly drainage system in place. we also re-use boxes, bottles, toilet roll tubes and eggboxes for enrichment.

We hope you have found this useful, if you have any further questions or require any other information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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