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Coping with the loss of a pet

Over the rainbow bridge.....

Our Sympathies

First of all, The Grange Retreat would all like to extend our condolences to you. As pet lovers and owners ourselves, we all know how difficult the loss of a pet can be. Our pets are family and understand that your beloved pet was not 'just a pet.'

A common judgment people make is that the loss of a pet should not hurt as much as the loss of a person and therefore the grief should not be as strong. This is absolutely not the case. How many people do you spend every day with, cry with, laugh with, maybe even sleep with? Grieving for a pet that has been a major and important part of our life is completely normal and completely okay. It may be that non-pet owners can't understand your pain, but that's okay too, because they also won't be able to understand the sheer amount of love you have given to your pet and received from them through the years.

It is okay to cry, to sob, to shout even, but the important thing in the grieving process is to allow yourself to express how you feel. If you feel that you don't have an outlet for this, or someone to talk to Victoria Barton would be happy to chat.

The Grange Retreat have put together a list of FAQ following the loss of a pet. After such a loss we are often left with a lot of questions and The Grange has tried to answer a few of these. Of course, everyone will have different experiences during their loss and grief but these hopefully help to answer some more general questions you may have. Simply click the button below to download and read.

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