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A small Introduction to Sarah

My name is Sarah and I am working at The Grange Retreat Kennels and Cattery.


I have had dogs all my life and my Mum started a doggy day care about 8 years ago. I help as much and as often as I can, I love to play with all dogs, but to me dogs are not just pets they are family.


I have a Labrador called Luna she is 5 years old and loves playing with other dogs and people. I have always had Labradors for as long as I can remember but my favourite breed has got to be the boxer, people can be very wary because of what they look like but as long as they have been treated well they are such sweet animals and love playing with people.


I have been working for Victoria since the start of the summer. I came to the kennels as much as I could over the summer. I love working here because the people I work alongside are such a laugh we have so much fun playing with all the dogs, as do they of course. When I’m here I don’t class it as working because I love what I am doing.


I am thinking of doing an apprenticeship here with the Grange Retreat because I have always loved working animals. I was thinking of going to the Writtle collage to do a level 3 animal care, I would be at college 1-2 days a week and then be working at the kennels 4 days a week.


When I’m older I would love to be able to do something with animals and something in law enforcement. My dream job would be a dog handler in the police force, my uncle has always been someone I look up to because he is a police officer and I have always been interested in what he does and would love to do that myself.

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